Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sourdough Gap (6 miles)

For the last week, we have been having what I would call quintessential autumn weather. Today we took advantage of that to revisit Sourdough Gap. We were last here almost exactly two years ago.

The trail begins parallel to Highway 410. If you go the other way across the road, you get to Dewey Lake

The first natural stopping point along the way is a pretty lake.

A very pretty lake.

Then the trail continues up, with a postcard view any way you look. It can feel strange to actually be in settings like this because even when you are, they still look like paintings and not something that can actually exist. Surreality.

Sourdough Gap.

The view and trail beyond. We have continued on in the past, but today our destination was only the Gap.

We climbed up over some rocks at the side to get to a little alcove that offered a bit of protection from the wind and a little sun to keep us warm while we noshed.

The Big Guy had a cheese sandwich. (and that water down there is the pretty lake I showed you.)

I had this.

Zuzu forgot to pack her lunch. Poor little Zuzu.

This little pipsqueak also forgot to pack lunch, and tried to steal my apple!

To top off this great day, stopped off at Wapiti Woolies where I found two new hiking shirts. This is all sounding a little too perfect, but I can't help it. It just was.