Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rasar State Park

We hadn't originally planned to hit a state park this weekend, but since we were in the area visiting family, we took a little side trip over to

 The Skagit Valley is known for its bald eagles, and the state park sign reflects that with its cute wooden characters. The Skagit Valley also got some snow last night, and the white in this picture reflects that.

While it offers just shy of four miles of trails, we only did about two. The weather was spotty, and we got sleeted on at one point, that point being on the most exposed part of the trail, naturally. I don't really want to reflect on that.

The trail parallels the Skagit River.

 The water has a turquoise tint due to glacial flour. That's a real thing. I made it a link so you can read for yourself about how it reflects light in the water.

There's one o' them baldies reflecting on the fish to be caught for lunch.

My photos today don't reflect the wildlife we saw on the drive to/from the park, and that's unfortunate because we saw dozens of Trumpeter swans and elk. All apologies.

WA State Park Grand Scheme Total = 50!