Saturday, September 26, 2009

Snow Lake 09-23-09

This was not our first time on this hike, but it had been many years, and we never did reach the lake the first time around due to..well, snow. Thus, it felt like a brand new hike. For the pups, it was. My favorite part was this:

Not far into the hike, we encountered an older lady by herself who told us that the last time she was there, the rangers were ticketing people who didn't have their dogs on leashes. She seemed tickled by this, as she didn't seem to care for dogs much. We did, at that time, have ours leashed -- we normally do, and we don' t care for those who normally don't. After we had reached the outflow, had our lunch, and were headed back down, I detoured up a small side trail to the TOILET. No, really, on some trails there are actual large boxes with wooden seats set high on hills and marked with trail signs. It's BYOTP, though. Anyhow, The Big Guy stayed down trail and let the pups off leash to splash in the water. Wouldn't you know that's the time this same lady was coming up the trail, and Otter was missing me so he came running down the trail, trying to find me. I heard a loud "huffing" type noise, which I later learned was Otter surprising Trail Lady. (bet she thought it was a bear at first.) Nothing bad happened, which is good, because it gives me the giggles something fierce. I also wonder how Trail Lady handled Old Man With Two Little Poodly Dogs Without Leashes later on. I hope she didn't flick them off the trail with her walking poles...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dewey Lake, Redux

Just over a year ago, in August of '08, we set off for a hike to Dewey Lake on the Pacific Crest Trail. Did I mention it was August? Because that's important to what I'm going to say next: It snowed. Not a lot, but it was so cold that we put on everything resembling clothing in our packs. See how cute that made me? If you click on this picture, you can see the snowflakes. In August.
Cut to September '09. Sunshine! Blue skies! And I'm still cute! (tee hee)

Here's The big guy in August '08. When it snowed, although this was the end of the hike that day, and the sun made a half-hearted appearance to give me this gorgeous photo.And here they are the second time around. (That is not Dewey Lake you see there, be patient)

This is Dewey Lake. It was very breezy this time, and the lake had tiny white caps and a little surf.
Otter had a swim, naturally.
Zuli did not, but she enjoyed the view and her balance beam exercises.
I just enjoyed my time in the mountains with these three.