Sunday, October 3, 2010

Snoquera Falls 10-2-10 (6 miles)

When the sun won't come to you, then you must go to the sun.

On the west side of the Cascades, the low cloud cover made for a dark, gray day. A drive just over the southern pass, and the sky was cloudless. This hike was my pick, and although The Big Guy had been in the general area for mountain biking, neither of us had been to the falls.

Near the trailhead was an outdoor theatre. Zuzu was excited to see the show, but there was no matinee scheduled.

The forest floor was covered with the thickest, softest moss. The top of this rock was blanketed so thickly, it felt like a mattress.

Look Snoquera Falls!

Seriously, you don' t see them? There was some water spilling over the rocks but it was not the spectacle it is reputed to be. Still pretty cool rock face though, eh?

We had planned to only go to the falls, but the trail continued.
And so did we.

Glad we did, too.

Zuzu pauses to admire the sun-dappled forest.

And so did we.