Saturday, November 13, 2010

Echo Lake, trail revisited

The last time we were here click to see it was very hot out. Today, it was very cold. And drizzly. You can tell by the fact that there are no other cars in the parking lot. That makes us bad-ass, doesn't it?

New Boonie hat, new windbreaker pullover, and spanky-new boots. More on them in a minute.

Our goal was not to get to the lake today -- not really enough daylight this time of year, as evidenced by the blurriness of this photo. The point of this journey was not to arrive.

What I loved about this hike the first time, I still found delightful -- many wonderful bridges spanning the river.

An homage to my new Lowa boots. Coincidentally, the first time I wore my last pair of new boots was on this hike and I took a pic of them on this bridge. Go click the link in the first sentence if you don't believe me. I really loved my other boots, but turns out my feet were soaked earlier this week on a hike, and when you pay as much for good waterproof boots as you would for a pair of Jimmy Choo's, wet feet are not acceptable. Thus my buttery Vasques were returned for a trade on these. The first hike in new boots is usually a little rough, but I completely forgot I had new boots on my very dry, snuggly feet. Piggie paradise.

The water was much clearer this time.

If you zoom in on this, you can see Zuli poking her head through the bridge. Nothing spectacular about that, I just thought it was cute.


The winner. Not much is pretty on day like today, but this sure was.

Somewhere in the picture is a group of five Canada geese who are going to be sorry if they don't fly a little further south soon.

The Amazing Flying Zuli! The humans used the rocks.