Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Echo Lake (almost)

Never mind that it was 100* today. I said never mind! We started early, and this hike is mostly under forest cover. The hiking books always seem to be apologetic about recommending hikes that don't offer "sweeping mountain vistas!" but those aren't the only beautiful sights to see, now are they? This was supposed to be a 14 mile hike, but the last mile found us so covered in mosquitoes despite the bug spray, that we turned back. We figured that trying to have lunch at the lake while being lunched on wasn't worth the last 15 mins. It was a little disappointing to not reach our goal, but the first/last part of this hike is the best stuff anyway. We'll probably do this one again another time. 14- miles.

No, seriously, they wanted to hike today.

There were so many pretty bridges...

in so many great styles.

The view down. Eep!
That's one of my new Vasque boots -- like buttah!

The river was very muddy, which was unusual.

But it still afforded some pretty scenery.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bullion Basin 7-25-09

This was supposed to be a Pacific Crest Trail hike, and while we did get to a section of the PCT, the up (and down) were rough and cranky-making. It was hot, sticky, mosquito-y, and on dusty sharp-rock terrain. I had to eat a packet of Fig-a-ma-jigs to restore my happiness. Once we got to the ridge line (PCT trail) the clouds were rolling in and the breeze was cool. I had to zip my pant legs back on and huddle under my jacket while we had lunch,but there were no more bugs! 7.5 miles

Zuli, Otter, and The Big Guy

Although we hike to get away from people, I always love
this kind of evidence of those who have come
before us. It is both charming and awe-inspiring.

A view of Mt. Rainier as the clouds move in.

The elusive Cascade Blue Monkey.

An old PCT marker being eaten by a Doug Fir.

Red Columbine

One of the prettiest alpine lakes I've ever seen.
I love the soft green shore.

My hikin' Buddy.