Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blogospheric Disturbances

As technology changes, so must we. I have enjoyed my time here at Blogger, and I really wish I could keep my blog going on this site because it is the only home it has ever known and I am used to its operation and quirks. But, alas, it does not play well with iStuff, and iStuff is the wave of our personal future.

Fear not, though, faithful readers! Just because this blog will no longer be updated here, that doesn't mean this blog will be going away. Everything that is here now will continue to be here should you ever wish to look back on it.

The continuation of the journey will now be told at the new blog

with a new name that pays homage to this original name but better reflects the direction our lives and travels are taking.

Please come with me -- we have much yet to go, do, see!