Friday, June 11, 2010

Interstate Trekking: Part II

Day two, after a long bike ride around the paved trail, the sun broke through in earnest, and we decided to try a local 5-mile trail called Proctor's Loop.

That sucker was deceptively steep. I may or may not have taken off my shirt due to the heat. Oh, stop, I had a sports bra on for goodness sake! Sheesh, you people.

At the top, nearly 8000' feet. It was breezy up there, so shirt on.

Happy Anniversary, hiker-people!

Just to the right of the tree line, you can see the trail down the ridge line. This was my favorite hike of the trip. Don't those mountains look like soft green fabric? They're actually covered with a type of sagebrush that's very aromatic (cloying, really) and not soft at all.