Friday, June 11, 2010

Interstate Trekking: Part I

This past week, we headed over the Sun Valley, Idaho for a little vacation. We knew our first full day there was going to be rainy (thanks AccuWeather!) and we decided it wasn't going to stop us from doing what we went there to do.

We headed out on the Titus Lake trail.

The moss was pretty on the trees. It was gray, sure, but not really raining. Yet.

But rain it did. Don't lose that happy, positive attitude!

The trail is still nice, right? Right!

And even though you can't get across the rain-swollen river to finish the hike to the lake, you can surely eat your sammich.

Keep smiling! This is vacation! (no one can tell if you cry in the rain)

Putting the "sun" in Sun Valley.