Sunday, February 12, 2017

Saltwater State Park

Some people say it doesn't rain here all the time, but those people are just trying to make themselves feel better about the fact that they chose to live where it rains all the time because they believed other people who said it doesn't rain here all the time.

All right, fine. It doesn't rain here all the time, but it rains here a lot (this was only the second day of no rain this month and some of that rain was snow. So.) 

To celebrate this February's second day of no rain, we headed out for a short trek and a check mark on the list of state parks.

  This park is relatively close to us, but isn't one that offers much of what we like to do.

TBG indicates the trail sign, which indicates hiking, which is a stretch of the word "hiking."

Even though the park sits on the shore of Puget Sound, it is not secluded in any way. The trail winds under the roadway twice along its loop.

And it is in the flight path of SeaTac airport. Camping, anyone?

But the sun was pretty in the trees, and there were a couple little bridges that made me happy.

Getting all up in the sun's face.

Looking for signs of Spring.

Still looking...

Extending our walk along the shoreline's paved trail, making it just under 2 miles total for our whole trek.

Enjoying the view of the Olympic mountains while the sun gets all up in my face.

Some people say it doesn't rain here all the time, and today, they were right.