Sunday, August 28, 2016

Flaming Geyser State Park

In honor of National Park Week, we visited another state park. Whaaaat? Hey, state parks totally count since they help make up the nation, mmmkay?

This park is in our geographical back yard, and while we have been here several times before, I hadn't officially recorded a visit since commencing the Great State Park Scheme (is that what I call it? I can't remember now, and I don't feel like scrolling back to find out.) Anyhow...

After some record-breaking heat, the day was blessedly overcast and cooler, with a few sun breaks. Perfecto.

This is the entrance bridge. I think it's quite ugly. It looks completely unnatural and unfinished. It kept us out of the river, though, so it's got that going for it.

 A pedestrian pedestrian bridge.

 We'll get to the namesake in a bit, but we started with the spur trail to see Bubbling Geyser. 

There were stairs. 

This the geyser. What, you were expecting Old Faithful? Sorry. This park's geysers are methane seeps. Not only do they not shoot impressively skyward, they also stink. (that's from sulfur, not methane, for the geeks)

One reason for our outing today was to test out our new camera. My old favorite died on our last trip, necessitating a replacement. The above shot was taken using the "winterize" feature. I love how it made that lone leaf dazzle, but I won't be using the camera's special features often. While I like how this picture looks, it isn't how the geyser looked. Nature is beautiful all on her own, and she certainly doesn't need me telling her how to be better.  

(You mad, photography people? Don't be mad.)

Nature doing her thing.

Nature creating the optical illusion of a tunnel.

Nature camouflaging The Big Guy.

Several spur trails take you down to the Green River.

We picked our way along the bank in the sunshine.

It was quiet. We like that.

 Playing with the camera's zoom to capture these purple asters across the river. 

Playing with the camera's zoom to capture something closer. 

Playing with the camera's macro to capture the jewelweed. Although I didn't tell it to, the flash activated, and I thought this shot wouldn't turn out. It did -- beautifully, I think -- but it's another one of those "doesn't really look like this in person" dealios. 

Here is the real deal. 

On our way back out, we felt obligated to stop at the park's namesake although we knew this geyser hasn't flamed in years.

Thar she (doesn't) blow!

(You mad, fire people? Don't be mad.)