Saturday, February 7, 2015

The State Park That Isn't

 Last month during a very sunny and very cold spell, we took a little local drive to see if we could find Hanging Gardens State Park. It is a place that I had seen blocked out on a map years and years ago as a future state park location, and periodically I would check maps (then online with the advent of technology) to see if it ever became one. It never did, but of course, the geographical place exists, and we set out to find it.

I had to search online to find an obscure post by another hiker which led us to this roadside gate. We drove past it the first time, understandably.

There is a trail, though, so off we went. Don't let the sun fool you; it was c-c-cold.

Does your dog bite? And have you seen any gardens hanging out around here?

The Green River looking very much like a green river. What's that over there on the rock face?

 Why, it's some hanging gardens! I'm sure that in balmier weather, the vegetation that clings to the rock wall is much prettier, but you can still see why this place was once designated as special.

What do you suppose made those tunnels in the rock? And how long ago do you suppose they were made? Can we get an archaeologist in here?

This wasn't a long or rigorous hike -- it wasn't even really a hike -- but a 2-mile stomp in the woods on a sunny winter day to stretch the legs and brighten the doldrums ain't a bad way to spend an afternoon.