Monday, August 13, 2012

Plumb Local

Because we hadn't planned where to go in advance, we woke up this morning still debating our options and not really feeling like traveling very far. We are fortunate to live very close to three state parks, and two of them became our destination today. We'd both been to the parks before, of course, but not for years and years. 

We started at Nolte State Park, which is small as state parks usually go. It's a day-use type of park that circles a pretty lake with a small beach, a playground, some picnic areas, and a lovely trail around the lake.

Obey the signs!

Very good!

Pretty painted turtle having a sun bath.

Next, we headed down the road to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park. 

This park is located on the Green River (yeah, that Green River.)

Follow arrow?

This little one followed the pink arrow to the river.

Oh, look! Huge huckleberries!

I needed a nice trail snack.


Here was something neither of us had seen before. The Big Guy, with a nose for such things, followed a little spur trail toward the river that came out at the top of these rocks -

and down to the river where it skims over the rock creating this wonderful place. I'm sure almost any month but August sees this area mostly underwater, but what a treat it was today. 

Zuzu follows The Big Guy out onto the flats.

Walking on water.

You don't always have to go far to find a little wonderment.