Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hikes Gone By, Part One

As I was cleaning out my computer photo folders, I noticed that there were several hikes that never got blogged about for one reason or another. Since it will be a few more months until we're into prime hiking season here and I won't have anything new to show and tell until then, I thought it might be fun to add those missing hikes to the blogosphere in the interim.

Most of them were done on various vacations, but the two in this post were local and done while family was vacationing here. The first was in 2004 when my dad and nephew came out, and the second was in 2006 when my mom and niece took their turn. We took them all to Sunrise, Mt. Rainier.

 Hello, mountain!

Pop explains something very important to Forest.

The Big Uncle and Kaia adjusting their cameras at the same viewpoint two years later.

Four For Hiking.

Two too cute.

Shadow Lake.

You may be wondering where Mom and I are in most of these shots. Mom stayed back at the lodge with her art supplies while the three of us made the trek, and I realized when going through the pictures, we never took any of her while we were there. There are plenty of photos with me in them, but I am unwilling to override my vanity and post them since there is a lot less of me to photograph these days. So sue me.

 Up the trail...

and down the trail.

A tiny mascot points the way to Frozen Lake.

Aptly named.

Other than the the beautiful scenery and spending precious time with loved ones, what I remember most about both of these hikes has to do with the kids' pants (and I sincerely hope both of them will be able to read about this so many years later and see how funny it was then.) As you can see in the second photo, Forest has his dusty sweatpants pulled up. We told him he'd be too hot in sweatpants, but he was intent on wearing them. The dust is from a fall that occurred while he was trying to pull them up because he got too hot.

Kaia was perfectly willing to wear shorts, but didn't have the right kind with her. Grandma and I took her on a quick shopping trip the day before to find some suitable hiking shorts, but once we got to the store, Kaia wanted to look at anything but shorts and had a hiding-in-the-clothes-racks meltdown. If I recall correctly, the shorts you see in these photos were chosen because thisiswhatyouregoingtowearwhetheryoulikethemornot

Ah, family! The best times, the funniest memories.